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Use the Video button to upload videos into your DRF requirement, web folio, or web page.

This button can be found in the Add bar at the bottom of the right panel of the Work or Content page.

The maximum upload size per video is 500 MB. If your video is larger than 500 MB, you will need to compress the video or reduce its size before uploading to Taskstream.

Please note that, because video compression and manipulation occur outside of Taskstream, we are only able to provide limited support and do not endorse or support any specific video program.

To add a video (of 500 MB or less) to a requirement

  1. On the left panel of the work page, select the requirement to which you want to add videos
  2. Click Video.
  3. You are navigated to an Add/Edit Video screen. In the Add New Video panel on the left side of the screen, use a radio button to Select File:
    1. If you select A video saved to your computer, to upload a new file.
      • Click Choose Fileto open a browser window.
      • Select a file from your computer.
      • Enter a name for this video in the Name File box. This name does not have to be the name of the video file you are uploading, but can be anything that describes the video
    1. If you selectAttach a previously uploaded video, select a file from the pull-down list of videos previously attached to any of your work in Taskstream.
      • (Optional) Rename your video in the Name File box.
  4. (Optional) Enter the Play Length of the video, in minutes.
  5. (optional) enter a Description of the video. Names and Descriptions can help you and your instructor(s) recall the purpose of these attachments.
  6. (Optional) Select to attach relevant Standards addressed by the uploaded video. You are redirected to the Standards Wizard. (This option may not be available for your DRF.)
  7. Click Add File. As files are attached, they are listed on the right. You can view, edit (name/play length/description) or delete them. You can also select standards addressed by the video.
  8. Once you have completed uploading videos, click on the Save and Return button to return to the Work or Content page.


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